Selling Your House While Divorcing in Arkansas

During a divorce, one of the most difficult steps is dividing up the assets between both parties. A house is one of the most complicated assets to split because it is large, stays in one place, and can be expensive to maintain. Unless one spouse is willing and able to take over the mortgage of the … Continued

Can You Sell A House In Arkansas With A Lien?

Selling a House In Arkansas with a Lien First, What is a Lien? Before we figure out how to sell a house with a lien on it, we need to be clear about what a lien is, exactly. Liens can be summed up as another entity’s legal claim against a property for money owed. A judgment lien handed down … Continued

How to Sell a Vacant Property in Arkansas

If you have decided selling your vacant property is the ideal option in your situation, there are many ways you can go about the selling process. Here are the methods you can use to sell your vacant property: Using a Real Estate Agent This is one of the most common ways to sell an empty … Continued

How To Sell Your House With Tenants in Arkansas?

Maybe you own an investment property that isn’t making you money in Arkansas. Perhaps you’re fatigued with constant tenant turnover. You may be tired of dealing with irritating and rude tenants but you are not in the place to deal with the process of eviction. There are several reasons a homeowner would like to sell … Continued

Selling A House You Inherited In Arkansas: A Full Guide

When you inherit a house, it can either be a welcome addition to your properties or it can be a burdensome issue. It all depends on your personal circumstances and situation. Inheriting a home gives you a few options on how to proceed. First, you can choose to live in the house. Second, you can … Continued

What Is The Best Time To Sell A House In Arkansas?

Know the Conventional Wisdom There is a lot of data out there that can tell you exactly when the best times to but it’s generally accepted that the spring and summer are the best times to list your home. Plenty of people will tell you that spring (April and May) are the ideal times to … Continued


JOIN THE CLUB. The traditional way to sell a house is using a real estate agent and having them list your house. Maybe you would rather skip the hassles and sell to a Arkansas cash home buyer instead. Every year, thousands of people sell their homes directly to investors rather than listing with an agent. In fact, nationwide, 5.5% of home sales were … Continued