Meet “Team Deskin”

Holly and Joey started investing in real estate in 2002 when they purchased the family farm, saving it from foreclosure. Joey, over the past 22 years of active military service, have lived together with holly and lived in twelve homes, live-in renovations. Joey was stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base from 2000-2005, as a Civil Engineer.

In 2019, Joey decided to pursue his passion for real estate and focus on investments in Arkansas. Joey and Holly have bought and sold houses in Little Rock and surrounding area for the past three years

Joey And Holly

My name is Holly–and together with my husband Joey, we are “Team Deskin” the creatives behind 365 Property Buyers, we are a military family of real estate investors.

Most days, I am in awe of how I came to do what I do. I love it. I have found a career and a passion that I only dreamed existed a few years ago. As an Active Duty Military Spouse, for the last decade, I have mostly been unemployed – and I only say mostly because now I technically work for myself. In ten years, I have not worked for another person. I have volunteered; I have parented, but I haven’t brought in a paycheck. And that is so hard.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Local Cash Buyers that are diligent, passionate, and we work fast!

We dedicate to being fair, honest, and considerate with every interaction. We will act with integrity and also never ever take advantage. We will always have a positive mindset and always do our best so both sides win.

We believe a person that’s in a tight spot requires someone that can help. We assure to be there for you as we do our absolute ideal to genuinely be the solution to your property troubles.

Joey – The Owner

Holly- the Boss

I always envisioned myself working–even with children. So when I married into the military, moved overseas to start our life together, and had my first child within a year–I found myself in a perplexing and frustrating situation. My husband and I knew that I wanted to actively participate in our future by contributing to our financial plan in ways other than couponing. But that has been harder to do than either of us expected.

Finding My Stride

To make a long story short–after years of discontent, failed efforts at “taking my job with me”, and what I like to call being “extreme nomads”; I was done. I knew that I didn’t want to ask my husband to get out of the service. He has found his calling and his purpose; he loves what he does. But, I also knew that I was incredibly unfulfilled and disappointed. I had spent the previous years doing a very common practice among military spouses – creating my own small business, I am a published international photographer and owner of Holly Savage Photography.

Inevitably, my work was always disrupted. Sure, I could pick it back up once I got settled, but the business didn’t run unless I was actively involved in it. So, with every PCS, there was inevitably a loss of income and momentum.

The HUNT for Passive Income

Initially, I proposed to my husband purchasing a franchise. I knew that there were veteran discounts for coffee shops, pizza chains, and gas station franchises, and I thought if I could get it up and running, then I could hire managers. The main problem was that franchises themselves take time to set up, and they are a huge upfront investment in both time and money – sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In my search for information about passive income streams and setting up businesses that run without you, I came across several books and podcasts relating to owning rental properties. We had long foregone the idea of purchasing a home– because when you’re not even at a duty station for 12 months, even the VA isn’t excited about you using their loans!

I knew right away that real estate had serious potential. I got to choose when to pursue deals–which means I can choose to work more or less based on what season of military life my family is in. If we’re PCSing one year, I can choose not to acquire new properties.
In years where we’re going to be settled and more stable, I can go full force into market research, property analysis, and the pursuit of my next deal.

I will still have passive income coming in on years that our military life is hectic. I’m also still involved in the management of my properties, but I’m not stressing myself out and I don’t have to “leave my job” because we PCS. Instead, I use those years for education, personal growth, and networking.

All my houses are in Arkansas, so I don’t have to learn a new market every time we PCS. I just have to maintain oversight and connection with the market that my rentals are in. To this day, we still have not been at a duty station for longer than 2 years and 3 months. So while our pace has improved, it’s still faster than average. But, PCS season no longer looms as a stressful interruption. My business transitions to our new duty station with an email to our property managers updating where to send the checks!

For me, this is perfect. I get to take my passion with me everywhere, but my business stays put. Real Estate Investing gives me the stability that our Active Duty lifestyle can’t, and I’ll forever be grateful to have found a career as personally and professionally fulfilling as this one!

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