How To Calculate Square Footage of a Home

Calculating the square video footage of your house is easy once you know what counts as a square foot, and also when it puts on your circumstance. For example, if you’re selling a house the square video may just consist of habitable room. If you’re obtaining a quote for a repair, upgrade, or addition, you’ll require to compute a particular space rather.

We at 365 Property Buyers provide you this blog post that walks you via multiple scenarios and shares simple formulas for non-standard areas like a rounded wall, a nook, and also various other spatial functions. As well as this starts with understanding what square video suggests in realty.

How To Calculate Square Footage of a Home
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What is Square Footage in Real Estate?

Square video in real estate is the size of the space that are inside the walls of your house. Some parts of a house are not consisted of in square footage like a garage and incomplete areas.

The square footage of your house affects the listing rate when you offer your residence, and also can make your building basically eye-catching to prospective purchasers. And if you don’t have the square video right, or as precise as feasible, you may find yourself in a claim with the buyer.

To assist prevent prospective issues, below is exactly how to identify the square video of your house before providing it.

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How to Calculate Square Feet

You will certainly require:

– a measuring tape
– calculator.
– pencil or pen.
– paper.

Pro-tip: Have someone assist you gauge to save time and increase effectiveness. Someone can gauge while the various other makes a note of the dimensions, and also it’s practical to have an additional individual holding the other end of the tape on longer dimensions. Also, prior to you begin, make certain nothing is in the way that will certainly throw off your measurements.

To calculate square feet, determine the length and also size of the space in feet. After that, increase both numbers to obtain the total square feet.

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The Standard Formula to Measure Square Footage is

Length (feet) x Width (ft) = Total amount Square Feet (ft2)

Just How to Determine Square Feet of a Room

If you had a rectangle-shaped room that was 14 feet long and also 12 feet wide, you would calculate it like this:

Length (feet) x Width (ft) = overall square feet (ft2).
14 ft x 12 feet = 168 ft2

The square video of your room determines to 168 square feet.

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How to Calculate the Square Footage of a Room That Is Not a Square or Rectangle

Not all areas come in squares and also rectangles. To compute the square feet of an area that has a various shape, like T-shaped room or a room with a bay window, you will have to do a few additional dimensions.

1. Action the size and also size of the major location of the space and also multiply them together.
2. Measure the length as well as the width of the room that is not a part of the main location and increase them with each other. This would certainly be the smaller areas of the L-shaped or T-shaped room or the area where the bay window is.
3. Total the square video footage of the major area and also the square video footage of the smaller sized area to get the complete square video footage of the space.

For Instance:

If you have a main location that is 12 feet long by 10 feet wide with a rectangular bay window that is 4 feet long by 2 feet broad, you would determine it like this:

1. Key location square footage.
12 feet x 10 feet = 120 ft2
2. Bay window square video.
4 ft x 2 ft = 8 ft2
3. Total square video footage.
120 ft2 + 8 ft2 = 128 ft2

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How to Calculate the Square Feet of a Room with a Curved Wall

There is a bit much more mathematics included to calculate the square feet of an area with a bent wall surface or cove.

1. Start by finding the square video of the main area by increasing the size times the width.
2. Step the location of the room with the bent wall. Do this by gauging through the center of the room at the factor where it is the longest and the widest.
3. Split the size by fifty percent.
4. Multiply this number by the width.
5. Multiply this total by 3.14 (pi). This will certainly give you the area of a total circle (or oblong).
6. Separate the location of the full circle (or oval) in half because your rounded area is just half of that. Now you have the square video footage for the location with the curved wall surface.
7. Include the square video footage of the curved-wall area to the primary location square video footage to get the total for the area.


Let’s assume your area has main location measurements of 14 feet long by 12 feet wide as well as its curved-wall area is 5 feet long and also 4 feet large.

1. Main location square video footage.
14 feet x 12 feet= 168 ft2
2.Curved-wall location square video footage (5 feet long by 4 feet broad)
a. Separate size in half– 5ft/2= 2.5 ft
b. Multiply by the width– 2.5 ft x 4 ft= 10 ft2
c. Multiply by 3.14– 10 ft2 x 3.14= 31.4 ft2
d. Separate in half to get complete square video of area with the bent wall 31.4 ft2/2= 15.7 ft2.
3. Combine to get overall square footage of room.
168ft2 + 15.7 ft2 = 183.7 ft2

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How to Calculate Square Feet of a House

You can compute the square feet of your residence either methods
1. You can measure the square feet in each room of the house. Accumulate the square video of all the areas to get the total amount for your home.
1. If you have 3 spaces in your house, as well as one is 100 square feet, one more is 80 square feet as well as the third is 200 square feet. The complete square footage for your house would be 100 + 80 + 200, so the overall would be 380 square feet.
2. You can gauge the area outside your residence around the foundation. Multiply the size times the width to get the total amount. Do not consist of any type of unfinished areas in your measurement, like a garage.
If you have a two-story residence, as well as the 2nd tale coincides size as the very first, double the dimension to get the total.

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How to Calculate Square Feet from Inches

If you measured a room in inches as well as intend to change it to feet, separate the square inches value by 144.
Square Inches of a Space/ 144 = Square Video of the Space.
Your area rations at 120 inches long by 96 inches wide.
120 inches x 96 inches = 11,520 in2.
Area = 11,520 in2.
Overall square feet = 11,520 in2/ 144 = 80 ft2

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How to Calculate Square Feet of a Wall

You compute the square feet of a wall surface much like a room, so you can make use of the formula from above:

Size (feet) x Size (ft)= Total Square Feet

If the wall surface has windows or doors, deduct the location of the windows as well as the doors from the overall. This especially helps if you are finding out how much paint or wallpaper you need. No demand to spend for added!

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What Is Livable Square Feet vs. Non-livable Square Feet

Habitable room can be counted in the square video of the house as well as is the space within the spaces you stay in like the kitchen area, living space and also bed rooms. Non-livable area are spaces you will not be doing each day tasks like the garage, restrooms or closets.

Below are three questions to assist you determine if a room is comfortable or non-livable.

1. Does the room share the same cooling and heating (home heating as well as A/C) system as the primary home?
2. Is it located above ground?
3. Does the design “fit in” with the remainder of the house? Is it constructed to the same standard?

If the answer is yes to these 3 concerns, after that the room is most likely comfortable area.
Instances of livable area:
– Bedrooms, restrooms, kitchen areas, dining spaces, living rooms, and dens.
– Completed attic space (should get on the major house’s heater as well as have 7 feet of clearance).
– Enclosed verandas (only if they are confined on all 4 sides, have a roof covering and are heated from the main house’s heater)

Instances of non-livable spaces:
– Below quality spaces (like cellars, even if they are finished).
– Unfinished attics.
– Decks.
– Garages.
– Separated living rooms (like swimming pool residences, sheds as well as living rooms that can not be accessed from the primary house).
– Open spaces (if you have an area on your 2nd flooring that is open to the living rooms, it isn’t counted since it does not have a floor)

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How to Calculate Livable Square Feet vs. Non-livable Square Feet

To calculate livable square feet vs. non-livable square feet, all you require to do is locate the square footage of all the spaces that are thought about habitable space and also add them with each other. This is much like calculating the square video footage of a residence as shown over, however not consisting of non-living spaces.

You could likewise measure the outside of your residence around the structure, increase length times size to obtain the overall, and also subtract the square video footage of any kind of non-livable room.

For Instance:
Your house procedures 50 feet long and 40 feet large outside, including a garage that is 12 feet by 10 feet.
Beyond home– 50 ft x 40 ft= 2,000 ft2.
Garage– 12 feet x 10 ft= 120 ft2.
Complete square feet– 2,000 ft2– 120 ft2 = 1,880 ft2

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How Does the Size of Your Home Impact a Listing, Sale Price and What Needs to Be Disclosed

The size of your house and also problem are the two crucial things that establish the value of your residence. If you believe your residence is larger than it is, you could value it too expensive. It may take a longer time to market, as well as you might obtain less for it than you were anticipating. On the other hand, if you think it is smaller sized than it really is, you can value it also low and also leave cash on the table. You do not desire either of those things to take place, which is why it is so essential to understand truth number.

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What happens if you have various measurements for square video footage?

As an example, suppose tax documents state something, you gauged something else, and also an appraiser thought of a different number. You should go with your ideal hunch, yet it must be divulged to allow buyers know there are differences, and you aren’t certain which one is right. It is constantly better to provide more info than inadequate!

You can additionally contact your location’s evaluation department and also ask for a data review. If you want, you can hire an evaluator to determine your square video to submit to the assessment division for the review.

Square video footage in realty is rather simple to identify when you understand just how. Now that you are armed with all of the details on exactly how to do it, order your tape measure as well as begin gauging!

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