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We want to help you take control of your situation, end the hassles, and get back to living the life you want to live. And you deserve to know all of the options available to you right now. Simply fill out the short form below or give us a call, and our experts will help you (with no pushy sales techniques or obligation)… we’ll help you make sense of all of this confusion and we’ll present you with the options that can potentially change your life and help you get back to normal.

If the amount you want for your home is outside of our range. We would be happy to go over a couple of options apart from cash that may fit you better. We want to assist you even if it means recommending another buying company to better fit your needs.”

How Do I Sell My House In Arkansas?

1. We can discuss about your property by filling out the form listed below or calling us at (501)369-0365. We want to find out more regarding your home, so we can offer you an initial cash offer range.

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2. If you’re more than happy with our array of offers, we will schedule a walkthrough to give an estimate of the fixing costs. Within 1 day, we will call you with our no commitment cash deal.

3. If you approve our cash offer, we will place a closing day that YOU pick with our reputable local title company. It’s just that simple!

Selling Your House In Arkansas To 365 Property Buyers

1) What Information Will You Required From Me?

Sell your home in the Arkansas quickly by helping us collect some standard information concerning your home sale.

  • Timeline to sell your residential property
  • Existing conditions the building is in.
  • Spaces that were restored/renovated.
  • Your ultimate goal with the property.

This details will aid us to identify just how we can provide the very best service for you (potentially past the typical cash offer).

2) Do You Give Your Money Deal Right Now On The Phone?

No…We do not provide our precise cash money offer during the first telephone call, but we will offer you an initial deal range.

Why Not? Other “We Buy Houses” Companies Make Offers Today On The Phone Right Away…

These business will provide you a hugely inflated amount to “reel you in” and also secure the deal in a “legal binding contract”. Afterwards they will make use of an “inspection report” so they can head back and ask for a price reduction.

This tactic is utilized by a number of buyers in our AR market. It gives cash home buyers a bad reputation, and we will not stand by it!

3) Just How Do I Know You’re Not Going To Lowball Me?

If we made lowball deals, we would not stay in business…

It remains in our best interest to make you the highest possible money offer because that is exactly how we will outdo our competitors!

Our whole business is based on getting houses in Arkansas.

If we can not make reasonable deals, then we can not acquire properties.

How Our Offer is Calculated…

[Amount] = [ARV] – [Cost of Repairs] – [Buying Costs] – [ROI]

After Repair Value (ARV)This is the market value of your house after we acquire and also renovate your home.
Cost Of RepairsThis is what we estimate our expense will certainly be to upgrade the house to present market problems, and it’s what you are saving (along with your time) if you sell your house to us!
Buying CostsThis is what we estimate our expense will certainly be to upgrade the house to present market problems, and it’s what you are conserving (along with your time) if you sell your house to us!
Return On Investment (ROI)This is exactly how we pay our service providers and also maintain the business running. If we really did not return some degree of earnings, we wouldn’t be a great company!

Check Out A Real Case Study

Take a look at 2 properties we bought in Arkansas…

Basic Info

3Bd|1ba|1,200 sq.ft

This property was purchased for $79,000 and required light rehab.

Property in Cabot
Saint John St., Cabot

SCOPE OF WORK: This property was purchased with the intent for long term rental. Rehab included new flooring, paint, granite countertop. Rehab was completed by 360 Maintenance Co. Cost $7,342.

INFO ON FINISHED PRODUCT: This home was leased prior to completion of rehab for $900 a month. This property was currently appraised for $96,000.  This note is for 30 years at 2.5% interest and will be held by our company until seasoned.

Basic Info

3Bd|1.5ba|1,000 sq.ft

This property was purchased for $79,999.  This home was purchased for the purpose of becoming a rental and building equity. This home appraised at $94,000 and is in our portfolio.

Another Property In Cabot
Collins St., Cabot

SCOPE OF WORK: This home was in very good condition and needed only a make ready to be put up for lease.

INFO ON FINISHED PRODUCT: This home was rented in 9 days for $850 a month. This home was finance with a conventional loan and than refinance with Arkansas Federal Credit Union. This note is for 30 years at 2.5% interest and will be held by our company until seasoned.

365 Property Buyers Play By Numbers

We don’t make unrealistic offers because it’s a waste of time. Our deals are not based on “a portion” of the ARV. Instead, we just build up the numbers while we try our best to offer you the highest possible offer. We want to see to it you will enjoy and feel great when selling your house to us!

What Makes Our Offers Better In Arkansas?

365 Property Buyers is a cash buying company that’s not a one trick pony. Although our primary focus is quick money offers for your property, we have a number of different alternatives (none of which entail realtors) that we can make you.

If you pick the quick money offer for your home sale, we guarantee our deal will be sincere as well as fair.

Nonetheless, it will not be for “complete market value.” (We’re simply being sincere).

The cash offers we make will be as high as we are able to make them as a result of exactly how effective we’ve made our service for many years.

Some of our various other home sale alternatives can bring you much more than complete market value.

Nevertheless, these options rely on the type of property you’re holding, etc.

Give us a call at (501)369-0365 to find out about these other choices. We want you to have a successful house sale.

Why Sell To You Instead Of Listing With A Realtor?

Selling to 365 Property Buyers

  • You pay 0% in compensation and also NO fees.
  • We pay ALL closing expenses.
  • Close within 7-28 days or on your timeline.
  • Offer in “as-is” problem without making any type of repair work.
  • No official examinations.
  • No open houses or limitless walkthroughs.
  • No assessment or funding contingency

Selling to an Agent

  • You pay 6-7% commission.
  • You pay 2-3% closing costs.
  • Wait 6 to 12 months for buyers.
  • Closing takes 60-90 days after offers.
  • Buyers ask YOU to make the repairs.
  • Typically Realtors do 20-30 showings.
  • Buyers drop out from bank loans.
  • Even when you’re looking into the seller’s market, it’s clever to take a look at every one of your alternatives (have a look at our blog so you can learn more) to see what will actually help you reach your goals with the sale of your home.

    While you may have the ability to obtain a higher “top of the line” sales price listing with a local agent, that does not always boil down to more cash in your pocket or less frustration.


    “How Do I Know You Will Close? And That This Is NOT A Scam?”

    There are a lot of new investors and scammers around so you’re smart enough to be asking this. Acquiring the highest deal for your home would mean nothing if the customer reduces the amount after an “inspection”, can close the deal, and also the offer follows through. It’s extremely common for sellers to reach out to us after one (or sometimes multiple) failed closings with another “We Buy Houses” company in our area. They are angry and frustrated of these investors.

    That’s where we at 365 Property Buyers come in. Our local team always makes fair and honest offers with the intent to close. Our offer will certainly not be lowered later during the process to closing. That’s why we obtain a lot of favorable Reviews!

    “How Can I Avoid Being Scammed?”

    Professional Website

    A Professional site is a reflection of that they are as a service and also as a person. Discover the website to see if the company reveals who the people are behind the business. Try to find images of the owner(s) as well as any probable employees. Examine if they offer you their names (first and last names are very important, so you can go across check if they are an actual person on Google).

    Online Reviews

    A reputable business will certainly have testimonials and reviews online. We’re not speaking about the texts that is put on business’s web page…Verify if there are respectable any Google and Facebook reviews, along with seller reviews.

    Contract Terms

    Don’t fall for a tiny deposit that does not get provided to escrow for 1 month (365 Property Buyers down payment within two days). Lots of scammers make use of “weasel clauses” to leave a backdoor open on their own. These are indicators a buyer is not serious about closing.

    Still have inquiries? Please visit our frequently asked questions page or give us a call or message to learn even more at (501)369-0365. We more than happy to chat with you before you submit your residential property information.

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    Get A Cash Offer, Sell In A Matter Of Days...

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