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We have actually put together a collection of frequently asked questions for you to go through and also hopefully some your concerns are addressed. If you have any kind of inquiries that are not detailed here, do not hesitate to call or message us at (501)369-0365. You can likewise send us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if you don’t pay me?

You have a piece of “Real Property” as collateral for this loan. If I DO NOT pay you as agreed, then simply call your local real estate attorney and have them foreclose.

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2. So how do I know this is not a scam?

The proof is in the paperwork. You’ll know when you have a true first lien when you receive paper work that is signed and notarized by the County Clerk and Time & Date stamped at the time of filing.

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3. Do you personally guarantee this note? Why is this a collateral only loan?

When I borrow from the bank they ask me to sign a guarantee, but they also offer me a 3.5% rate and a 10 or 15 year term, fully amortized. I will be happy to guarantee the note if you want 3.5% interest instead of 8%.

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4. What if you die or whole office closes?

My estate will either continue to operate your accounts or they will liquidate the accounts and pay you off in full…or…you can take the house.

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5. How do I handle this on my taxes?

We will send you a statement on or before January 31st of each year that you can forward to your CPA or tax consultant. The statement will show how much interest you have earned for the year.

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6. All my money is stuck in my retirement fund?

We can work with funds in any account. But we will bring in the experts to help you.

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7. How much money do I need?

May I suggest that you start out with just one deal at first. My average deal runs about $50,000. I’ll email you with the particulars next time I have a deal and we can discuss moving forward.

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8. What if your buyer doesn’t pay you?

You should never know when that happens. I am your payer. You get paid whether I do or not. My job is to make this a passive investment for you. You just go to your mailbox and deposit your payments each month.

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9. Have you ever lost money?

Yes. But my lenders never have. You get paid whether or not I make money. I always take the loss if there is one.

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10. Do you have your own money in this? You are wealthy, why do you need my money?

No matter how much money one has, it will never be enough money if you’re buying lots of houses. I can buy a limited number of houses with my money. I can buy an infinite number of houses with money from private lenders.

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