Why Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Should Consider Short Sale Arkansas

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Foreclosure is scary, and every homeowner’s worst nightmare. But facing foreclosure doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you’ll lose your house – Short Sale Arkansas.

There are things you can do to avoid foreclosure and leave your credit score in the best shape.

Sadly, that fact does not take away the pain or the stress of the people currently facing foreclosure.

Fortunately, short sales may present an alternative that can help you walk away with a win. But what is a short sale, and how can it benefit you?

What Is A Short Sale?

A short sale can be said to be an alternative to foreclosure. While it’s far from being the best solution, a short sale is preferable over the consequences of a foreclosure.

A short sale can be defined as when a homeowner decides to sell their home for less than what they owed on their mortgage.

Here at 365 Property Buyers, we can help facilitate a short sale Arkansas for you home. Selling to us ensures a smooth and swift transaction; the money helps clear your late mortgage payments.

Note: you must get the go-ahead from your lender before you can proceed with a short sale.
All options considered a short sale Arkansas is definitely worth a shot. Give us a call and speak to real estate buying experts for more information on short sales.

Why You Should Consider A Short Sale

If you are facing foreclosure in Arkansas and are presented with a short sale opportunity, we would recommend you thoroughly weigh all your options, and consider the opportunities and risks before making a decision.

Nobody is saying that a short sale is an ideal solution to a homeowner facing foreclosure – but it might be the best alternative. Consider the benefits of a short sale:

  • It’s Not Foreclosure: Foreclosure can be quite stressful, and going through it can cause severe emotional damage. A short sale saves you from all that stress.
  • Avoid Stressful House Selling Processes: Selling homes is rarely a smooth endeavor. It takes time, costs money, and there are many other things and people involved. Short sales are quick and sweet.
  • Save Money: Foreclosure is costly. You can choose to sell your house to 365 Property Buyers and avoid all those costs. We will buy your home and absorb some of the original debt.
  • Credit Score Benefits: A short sale will cause some damage to your credit score; however, the damage will be nothing like what will happen if you can’t avoid foreclosure.

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