Benefits of Selling Your House “As Is”

It may seem counterintuitive. The basic principle of selling a house is to maximize on (or capitalize) your investment. In many cases, this is true. A lot of people purchase houses with the intent to resell them, living in them just long enough to renovate them, then plopping them back on the real estate market to try to make a profit. It’s a good strategy to make a bit of money—but only if you have the capital laying around to invest, and in this day and economy, that is becoming a lot rarer. Nowadays, it is a lot more common that people are selling because they need to sell. Maybe the cost of living is too high to be accommodated by your current income; maybe you’ve been affected by recent layoffs; maybe you need to relocate with your company or the military; or maybe you’ve inherited a house and the cost of maintaining the mortgage is too much to add to your own daily expenses. There are a lot of reasons for why selling your home As-Is might not be just the best option, but also the only option.

It all comes down to finances

Sold on TV is a position of privilege that not a lot of people have right now. It costs a lot of money to make the investments in your house that will actually garner you good results on the market, and that market is a fickle place. Even if you put the money you have into home renovations, it isn’t necessarily going to be a guaranteed investment—especially if you can’t afford to install the top-of-the-line trends people are looking for. No one cares how much better the house looks now than it did before you started the renovation process. All they care about is the fact that the tile is the wrong color and the countertops aren’t the preferred granite or quartz. In other words, investing a good portion of your savings isn’t necessarily going to be money well spent—and it could put you in an even more financially vulnerable position: sinking your savings into the home you hope to sell can be a debt sentence if it takes up to 6 to 12 months for that house to sell. That’s a long time to sit on the money you’ve invested hoping the market doesn’t crash so you can get a return—and you’ll have to pay the mortgage and utility bills on the house for the length of time it spends not selling. It’s a costly endeavor, and right now, it might be a much more financially wise idea to sell your house “As Is” and put the money you get from your home into a more secure investment.

Selling your house “As Is” sounds good—how do you get started?

By contacting a fast home buying company like 365 Property Buyers. At 365 Property Buyers, we will not only buy your house fast and “As Is”—bad wallpaper choices, stained carpets, and all—but we will give you a competitive cash offer to boot—with no finance contingencies or real estate commissions or fees. You can sell your house As Is in one easy step: just pick up the phone and give us a call and you can receive a competitive cash offer in as little as 10 minutes over the phone. Call 365 Property Buyers today to get started! 

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